White Noise was perhaps the most challenging show of my career - namely a massive supermarket that we built from an empty space and made every aisle period correct for the 1980s. Director Noah Baumbach wanted to be able to pull any product off the shelf during the dance sequence (see below) and have it be right, so we made everything correct on every side of the package. We manufactured hundreds of chip bags and cereal boxes and thousands of soda cans.
One of our locations was even heavily featured on the local news. Check out all the storefronts we did for the fictitious town of Blacksmith, and my record store mural that was so popular that there was a petition to keep it up forever.

This end credit sequence/music video to LCD Soundsystem's original song is such an incredible showcase of our graphic design team's hard work, it makes me well up with emotion and gratitude to my fellow art department. 

Thanks to the rest of the graphics team who worked so hard on this set: Skyler Pinkerton, Greg Hill, Olivia Dieker, and Mark Larkin!

A&P Supermarket
Town of Blacksmith
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